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Thru-hole components allow the KD-8 PCBs to be quickly and easily configuration for different applications.

Product Summary

Price: $350.00 and up

Multiple KD8s can be networked together using 6-pin RJ11 (phone-type) jacks.  


The KD-8 has eight heavy-duty outputs that can directly drive seloniods up to 120w each (12v @10 Amps max or 24v @ 5 Amps max).


The KD-8 can be configured with a Voltage_Doubler.  The Voltage_Doubler is useful for battery operation and allows 12v solenoids to be driven from power supplies as low as 7v.


Each KD8 output is given its own unique address for PC/Host control.  These addresses are stored in EEPROM and can be easily change for networks containing multiple KD8 PCBs.  One (or multiple) PC/Host(s) can can control all the KD8’s outputs via a RS-232 (or optional USB) interface.  See document “Message Flow Release 6”.


Input Voltage: Typically 12v or 24v.      

  Range: 5v to 30v


Standby current: 100mA


Outputs:  8 “Open Collector” FET transistors (up to 12 outputs possible)

  10 Amps max, 50v max

  8 Led indicators to display active outputs.

  8 Push button switches for manual testing of each output.


Options:  Outputs can be configured for:

  2 mechanical SPST relays rated at 250v, 10Amps or

  2 DC motors (with forward & reverse) or bipolar stepper motor or

  a voltage doubler to drive solenoids


Communications: 2 serial RS-232 ports with 9-pin, D-Shell connectors

  2 RJ11 network communication ports

  Ethernet via additional RABBIT brand processor.


KeyPad Option 16 key vandal proof keypad

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KD8 Quick Prototyping Board

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