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LM12 Quick Prototyping Board

The LM12 can be easily assembled and modified for various applications.  It is a large PCB (measuring 8" X 11.5").

Product Summary

Price: $380.00 and up

The LM12  can be configured with:

· 8 heavy duty SPDT relays  (contacts rated at 10 amps, 250v)

· 8 DPDT relays with contacts rated at 2 amps, 120v

· 8 solid state relays 400mA, 60v

· 8 opto-isolated inputs compliant from 5v to 120v AC or DC


Each relay has a manual test button for activation and a LED to

show relay activation.


The LM12 can be powered from 12v-DC, 24v-DC or 120v-AC.


All relays and button inputs can be controlled and read via the RS232 port.  Two RJ11 jacks allow up to 10 LM12s to be networked together.


The LM12 was originally designed as a man-in-the-middle for coin change machines. It would allow you to accept bills and provide a vend and change via the RS232 interface.  It has been tested with a Rowe Model BC-12, Standard Change-Makers Model MC200, Hamilton, and American brand change machines.


The LM12 also understands the MDB vend protocol and can communicate and simulate a MEI MARs and Pyramid APEX5401 bill acceptors.


Standard configurations start at $380.

SKU/Item Number: 000001

LM12 Quick Prototyping Board

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