About Us

RAJ Industries, Inc., is a pioneer in Facilities Control, and has assisted many customers in projects that range from medical tracking devices to cheerleader pom-poms that light up.  We have interfaced to third-party equipment such as camera switchers (Vicon, Burros, Honeywell), and intercom systems (Harding, Dukane).


We have developed priority networks with fault tolerant attributes (i.e., cut any wire in the network and the network will continue to operate and will produce a report locating where the wire/fault is located).


We prefer using Microchip “PIC” processors and have worked with the PIC10F206 ($0.50/1K quantities) to the PIC18F80K90 ($3.50/1K).


Previously designed projects by RAJ Industries, Inc., include a microprocessor-based circuit board that controls the operation of barbeque grills for American Grills: http://americangrills.com/how.htm

RAJ Industries, Inc., has more than 20 years of experience giving the

customer what it wants.

RAJ Industries, Inc.

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